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Bay West Laundry: Your laundry cleaned safely, sufficiently and delivered on time.

Bay West Laundry is the latest addition to the wide scope of services we already deliver.  We work with high standard equipment, tools and materials, such as industrial washing, drying & wringing machines, high quality detergents, bed linen and bathroom & beach towels.

We are professionally equipped to wash your sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, bathroom textiles, beach towels, uniforms, cleaning cloth and any other type of professional textiles.

We feel great responsibility to make sure your laundry is cleaned safely and sufficiently and deliver on time, leaving it with a fresh fragrance. Therefore we exclusively use Clothesline Fresh™ laundry care products.

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Care program

The Clothesline Fresh™ concept is the latest in laundry technology, which results in superior cleaning performance. It contains award-winning green surfactant technology and biodegradable water softeners. The technology is environmentally preferable. 

Clothesline Fresh™ products contain no phosphates, silicates, harsh solvents, alkylphenol ethoxylates, nitrilotriacetic acid, ozon depleting chemicals or toxic and persistent components or by-products.


In addition to great cleaning performance, we offer some distinctive extra’s service.

Daily pick-up & delivery
To protect your textiles and remove stains shortly after they fouled the laundry we pick up dirty and deliver fresh clean laundry on a daily basis. Especially greasy and bloody stains require instant treatment to avoid a more aggressive approach with heavy chemicals, which will shorten the lifetime of your goods.

A daily pick up and delivery service also secures the stock position of your textiles.  

Textile lease
We also offer a textile lease program, which includes high quality bed linen, bathroom textiles and beach towels.

The lease agreement includes cleaning and leasing of the textiles involved, captured in an all-inclusive price per kilo. In combination with our daily pick up & delivery service we will assure a sufficient stock position at all times.