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Bay West Temployment: well trained staff, maximum flexibility

We provide flexible and well trained cleaning and hospitality staff in order to obtain maximum flexibility in human resource throughout the year. Depending on seasonality, maternity leave and other expected or unexpected situations.

Hospitality, cleaning and health care staffing needs vary every day. We can provide you with a sufficient amount of available employees and you can hire your temporary staff according to your specific needs. 

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Trained staff

To assure the best possible performance, our team of temporary employees are carefully trained and supported by the Bay West Academy,

Your specific company requirements are taken into account when training staff. We provide excellent employees to work in hotel lobbies, as a barkeeper, beachbar employees and of course cleaning staff for hotels, offices and healthcare institutes. 

We train our team of employees to be flexible in their availability and also to be able to adapt to the situation at their posting.

Flexible & Scalable

We can offer you the opportunity to reduce the number of permanent staff members and hire temporary workforce only when it’s needed, without compromising on your quality of service but lowering your general labor cost. 

Bay West Temployment can help you reduce labor cost by providing temporary staff for the following roles:

  • Housekeeping ( Cleaners / Room attendant )
  • Kitchen staff ( Chef / Sous-Chef / Dishwasher )
  • Bar & restaurant staff ( Waiter / Barkeeper / Hostess) 


For those who are interested in enforcing our team of flexible ‘temployees’ and have the skills to perform in one of the above roles, you can apply by using the Bay West Temployment Application Form.