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  • Order online

    Order online

    Please place your orders via our Facebook Page or send us a Whatsapp message: +599 9 685 5678 with the product you would like to receive. Have any questions? Please send us your phone number with the request for a sales representative to call you back. Any questions: We're here for you. Just call us at +599 9 864 64 64. We're open on WEEKDAYS from 7.30 to 17.00. Our pick up station is completely arranged to ensure all sanitizing standards are being met. It is also possible to reach us on Whatsapp via +599 9 685 5678.
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  • Keep your staff & family safe!

    Keep your staff & family safe!

    We have many choices when it comes to professional hard surface sanitizers. For example the Avistat-D. Businesses that use Avistat-D to keep their workplace safe and clean are for example veterinarians, restaurants, schools and hospitals. Besides that, a lot of people use Avistad-D in their homes to keep their families protected.
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