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Bay West offers fully integrated and an efficient package of goods, services, partnership and expertise in the fields of Cleaning, Laundry, Personal Hygiene & Food Services.

By having the combination of all activities under one roof, Bay West is your unique and attractive partner in the Hospitality, Health Care and Business Projects markets.

Bay West Trading. The roots of our activities on Curaçao and Bonaire.

Our team is dedicated with a customer-oriented attitude. You can choose Bay West as your reliable supplier. 

We have built strong relationships with customers and supplying partners over the years and every day we develop our valuable insights in your needs and requirements. Together with our expert partners and suppliers, we are ready to provide you with the right solutions and advice.

Currently we have 2.000 product items in various quality and price categories in our warehouse, including product leading brands and our Bay West private label items. Because of our wide range, you can choose any desired alternative at fair and competitive rates.

There are also options to get custom made products or solutions.  

Bay West Cleaning: distinctive in performance excellence and outstanding service.

What started out with selling products related to the cleaning industry, has now grown into a full service cleaning operation. Together with the available specialist products, tools and well trained employees we can offer you various cleaning solutions.

It’s Bay West Cleaning’s primary objective to be distintive in performance excellence and outstanding service.

Our professional cleaning services can be used in hospital rooms as well as offices, lobbies and hotel rooms.

We will meet your tailored cleaning requirements with a professional assessment for your individual projects. The outcome empowers us to make decisions on staff, products and tools to deliver efficient, cost effective and satisfying results.

Bay West Temployment: well trained staff, maximum flexibility

We provide flexible and well trained cleaning and hospitality staff in order to obtain maximum flexibility in human resource throughout the year. Depending on seasonality, maternity leave and other expected or unexpected situations.

Hospitality, cleaning and health care staffing needs sometimes vary every day. We can provide you with a sufficient amount of available employees and you can hire your temporary staff according to your specific needs. 

Bay West Laundry: Your laundry cleaned safely, sufficiently and delivered on time.

Bay West Laundry is the latest addition to the wide scope of services we already deliver.  We work with high standard equipment, tools and materials, such as industrial washing, drying & wringing machines, high quality detergents, bed linen and bathroom & beach towels.

We are professionally equipped to wash your sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, bathroom textiles, beach towels, uniforms, cleaning cloth and any other type of professional textiles.

We feel great responsibility to make sure your laundry is cleaned safely and sufficiently and deliver on time, leaving it with a fresh fragrance. Therefore we exclusively use Clothesline Fresh™ laundry care products.

Bay West Academy: Our in house training facility

To assure a consistent high performance level in all our activities we founded our own training facility; the Bay West Academy. This improves skills and competences of the Bay West team by providing training programs, tailored to the role they have.

Sometimes the team receive training at our suppliers or at specialized training centers abroad.

This way our employees always perform according to the values and high quality standards of Bay West.


2003 -  Michel Huiberts founded Bay West Curaçao as a trading company. 

2004 - The Bonaire office was opened 

2009 - The construction of a new centrally located office and warehouse building commenced.

2010 - Bay West moved from Salinja to the current location in Muizenberg

2013 - 10 years anniversary and the launch of Bay West Cleaning

2014 - Launch of Bay West Laundry & Bay West Temployment